What is a Meesimo?


Cartoonist and Caricature artist Meesimo: 

Trained by Tom Richmond and Ed Steckley, as I was a total rube, fresh out of High School, at Six Flags St. Louis. I was even referred to by one of the senior artists as "the ultimate rookie", for my terrible lines and generic faces. Thanks to their tutelage I kept at it and got over the hump. From there I studied animation and exhibited cartoony fine art in Miami, FL. Then did a 10 year stint in Los Angeles, CA, drawing caricatures at Universal Studios Hollywood, and Six Flags Magic Mountain, with a side of character design, storyboarding and comics. Currently, I'm on the road drawing caricatures at Fairs, festivals, and comic conventions, and producing comic books on my limited downtime(Knucklehead Comics, SWALLOW, Extremities). Also, premiering September 2016, look for the new Ink and Drink anthology 'HUNGOVER', which I had the honor of contributing a 5 page comic to( http://inkanddrinkcomics.com ).



Contact: Chrismeesey@gmail.com